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The Alternative Bookclub Podcast - Interview 

Founder of the book-themed comedy night 'The Alternative Book Club' Shirley Halse interviewed me on her podcast! 
You can listen to our discussion of speculative fiction, casting forward, and Old English poem 'The Dream of the Rood', casting backwards. 21/02/2021

Sea-level rise: writers imagined drowned worlds for centuries - what they tell us about the future

This article on representations of sea-level rise in fiction, focussing on JG Ballard and Kim Stanley Robinson, was published byThe Conversation on 28 January 2021. This piece is part of their Oceans Series. It has since been translated into Italian and Arabic. 

The Sound of Contagion

In collaboration with colleagues at the Universitât der Kunste Berlin and the Royal Northern College of Music I am working on a project using AI and inflected by narrative theory and music composition. This work is part of the Oxford-Berlin Creative Collaborations and you can hear more about the project here. This project has been running since February 2020. 

Narrative Futures podcast

Devised, recorded and edited the Narrative Futures podcast. It launched on 15 October 2020, and features interviews with Lauren Beukes, Mohale Mashigo, Sami Shah, Mahvesh Murad, Jared Shurin, EJ Swift, Ken Liu and Tade Thompson, as well as writing prompts devised by Louis Greenberg.

Published an article on pandemic literature on the academic journalism platform The Conversation, 16 March 2020. This was later translated into Japanese and included in Tokyo's Newsweek Magazine. I was also interviewed on the topic on TRT World, an English-language Turkish television programme. Link here.


Pandemics from Homer to Stephen King: What We Can Learn From Literary History

Futures Thinking:
Speculation & Percolation 

I co-conceptualised the Speculation & Percolation audio-visual reading list project in the Futures Thinking network. I also feature in Episode 5 of the series: Contradiction and Zombies, published on 26 February 2020. 

No Beautiful Poems About Violence

Provided coverage of Patience Agbabi's  December 2019 reading event at Oxford where the poet was in conversation with Professor Elleke Boehmer and Professor Marion Turner for the Writers Make Worlds project.
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The Humility Gap Podcast

Bethan Willis interviewed me in late 2019 for Episode 4 of the The Humility Gap podcast on the topic of conflict management.

Uncomfortable Oxford
Literary Tour

During my time as Research & Development Manager at Uncomfortable Oxford I researched wrote the walking tour 'Uncomfortable Oxford Literary Tour' which debuted during the October 2019 IF Festival. Read about the motivations of this work on the Uncomfortable Oxford blog.  I was interviewed about the project on BBC Oxford and the tour was featured in Ox Magazine.


Oxford Science and Ideas Festival

I represented Futures Thinking at the 2019 Oxford Science and Ideas Festival, running an interactive research project titled 'The Noise That Keeps Me Awake At Night.'  Below is a page from the IF Festival's programme that featured a profile on my work.

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The Responsibilities of the Author and the Archive: On the Award of the Bodley Medal to Sir Kazuo Ishiguro

Attended the Bodley Medal ceremony and dinner at the April 2019 Oxford Literary Festival celebrating the work of Sir Kazuo Ishiguro.  
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