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Nick Mulgrew

Director, uHlanga Press

"Chelsea is a literary utility knife: she does everything from concept to promotion, from writing to proofing, and does it all very well."

Sarah Wilkins

Content Manager, Oxplore

"She is a talented writer, attentive reviewer and eloquent storyteller/ event speaker. She is diligent, creative and produces work of a very high standard - skilfully adapting her message for different audiences. I wholeheartedly recommend her work, and our schools outreach project ( has greatly benefitted from her contributions."

Nik Mastroddi

Marketing and Communications Manager, 

Graduate Admission, University of Oxford

"Chelsea’s incredible dedication, insight and energy in working with us to design and deliver the University’s graduate access programmes was inspiring to me, and her contributions to this vital work went absolutely above and beyond even my best hopes. She is an absolute pleasure to work with, a consummate professional with outstanding poise and presentation, and I could not recommend her highly enough.”

Hugh Munro

Acting Tutor for Access, Wadham College

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Chelsea. She supported the development of a pilot outreach programme working with the university, a sixth form and library archive. Chelsea was brilliant at understanding the programme and created some bespoke sessions and resources.  The programme is now into a second year and still draws on Chelsea’s hard work to support sixth formers to develop skills needed to study at university and reconceptualize their understanding of the history they learn in school.”

Pravahi Osman

Outreach Director,
Balliol College

"Chelsea is an experienced and talented teacher who is able to articulate ideas with clarity, and enthusiasm to student of all ages."

Koleka Putuma


"Chelsea has been my go-to proofreader for most of my writing projects, both essays and poetry collections. Her expert eyes have not only pointed out errors but also made me interrogate writing and stylistic choices. Chelsea provides invaluable input on each project. I am always appreciative of her detailed insights."

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