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From years of supervising undergraduate dissertations at Oxford, to editing poet Koleka Putuma's work, to time as an editor on a small literary journal, to my 'dog's body' days at an experimental poetry publisher, I'm experienced in editing and proofreading across genres and forms.


I've research background in speculative urban inequalities and narrative traction, with real world application in my Narrative Futures podcast. I'm interested in working on creative projects as a writer, concept designer, and content creator in the case of the advertising or development communications industries.


Developing and running the Futures Thinking research network in the fields of futurity and the Humanities, I've written successful grant applications and built networks across diverse disciplines with a small collaborative team.

I'm currently engaged in a interdisciplinary project at the intersection of AI, music composition and narratology.
Watch the Sound of Contagion film here.


Doctoral research prepares you for... doing even more research! Transferable skills I've gained along the way include compiling non-academic reports on complex topics, communicating research to less expert audiences, tackling long and short-term projects, taking initiative, problem-solving, working with qualitative and quantitative data and developing fantastic communication skills.

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